Saturday, November 7, 2009

..and I haven't slept in over a year!

I've been so busy.

Seriously, I'm not very good about updating this blog. Probably because nobody reads it.
I have certainly had the time to log in and post something, but life is barreling along so quickly, everything becomes yesterday's news too fast, or it's just way too transitory to mention.

But a couple of things bear mentioning. Since I'm here, and all;

My last blog entry coincides with my taking a hiatus from my beloved improv troupe; International Stinger. After 5 1/2 years I felt my life tugging me in directions that demanded some hard decisions. I had been in a new romantic relationship for two years, and the only time we were able to spend together alone, aside from a few weeknights, was every other Saturday night. All other times my kids were here. As Stinger moved up and gained membership status at the Playground Theater we started getting a lot more Friday and Saturday night show slots. In addition to all of that, we rehearsed every Sunday afternoon from 4 to 6 pm.
It was very rare that Leslie and I got an entire free day to ourselves.

When I co-founded International Stinger back in early '03 things were significantly different. The schedule and the late hours were fine and fun, but as Stinger got even busier I felt spread a little thin between being a single dad of 2 and performing improv. I was already saddled with tending my business in the toy industry and working on the house, and both of those weren't really progressing as quickly as I wanted. Still, I was very happy performing with my friends and dedicated to the troupe's growth. We were an established and respected ensemble.
But as my relationship with Leslie moved into 2 years it just became clear that I wasn't going to be capable of continuing. I wasn't growing as an improvisor anymore and I decided I either had to re-commit to the craft or step away.

This wasn't an easy decision to make, but it was necessary. I was already getting all the signals. I knew my priorities had shifted and I had to make a choice.
I have no regrets, but it was still painful. I will always cherish my time with Stinger. Such amazing and magical and hilarious moments we created together!

On stage and off.

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en_b said...

I'm reading your blog!
I know what you mean and always tell myself no one reads this thing but really, people do read it, and will read it!