Sunday, September 7, 2008

The election

I've been following this coming Presidential election closer than any other that I can remember. Partly because it's more crucial than any other in recent history, but also because, since Bush has been in office, I've educated myself more on how this country's political system has been subverted by corruption and greed. The 'economic hit men', the lobbyists who control politicians, the cronyism and patronage, the neocons, the fundamentalist evangelicals' rabid political agenda, the partisan-based vote purging and fraud, the mass-media complacency (and even complicity), ..essentially, the post WWII corporate and political trend in this country. That of a corporate empire that is selling out American citizens' interests and trust, and is not being held accountable.

If Nixon and Watergate sullied my sense of innocence at age 13, Reagan and the Bushes became my wake-up call as a mature political animal.
It has made me upset and it has frustrated me.

But what truly rattles me is how blatantly obvious politicians have become in continuing to use these proven tactics, and not enough people notice enough to do anything about it. Millions of people are screaming for change, and they are being continually duped or ignored entirely.
And like those millions of other working class people, I feel completely betrayed by my government and that our democracy is quickly slipping away to an autocratic corporatocracy.

I realize that Barak Obama is not going to change all of that if he is elected, but I do believe that he has a better chance than anyone right now. We simply need him, and people like him, in more positions to implement the change in direction that we sorely need.

I still want to believe that we live in the greatest country in the world, and it's hard to do that in these times.
But I find some solace in the words of humorist Mort Sahl, who once said;

"We know that Jeffersonian Democracy works. Otherwise politicians wouldn't have to lie so much."

I just wish more people in this country knew when they were being lied to.

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