Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Summer of construction

It's been a pretty busy year so far, business-wise. I spent most of the Spring with my shoulder to the grindstone and taking on as much work as I can handle. As a consequence, I've gotten behind on some things. I've all but given up on getting a website up this year, and I have yet to finish and file my taxes for last year.

But the extra money is handy and work on the house is proceeding.
Largely on the inside, but I'm continuing the momentum I started last Spring with landscaping the backyard. It's already looking nice back there, but I've got to finish a couple of concrete retaining walls for planting, and I have to paint my garage. I've cleared out the wild overgrown spot in the far back for the first time in probably 30 years. It's cool, green and shady back there beneath the immense silver maple trees, and soon there will be a pergola and stone firepit back there.

On the inside, my new contractor started remodeling my upstairs bathroom last week. I've ordered a new deeper tub, toilet & tank, granite vanity top and sink, fixtures, tile, and a new doorway with a frosted glass panel with above fixed transom.
On Friday of last week I had a 24" X 64" glass block panel installed in my tub enclosure, letting light in from the outside. It already looks fantastic.
The new layout eliminates an original hallway linen closet and extends the bath doorway into the hall, making for a much larger bathroom and eliminating wasted hall space.

Like the rest of my house, I'm going for a 'Metro Art Deco' feel. Lots of white ceramic subway tile with black for contrast. Chrome fixtures and accents. I'll post pics soon.

Ultimately, it'll make for a nice sized full bath in a house that originally had no indoor toilets, just an outhouse in the back.

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